# Usage

As stated in the Deployment section, the policy should be executed from Jamf Pro's Self Service application on the new Mac. After running the policy from Self Service the end-user will see a simple instruction dialog stating how to put their old Mac into Target Disk Mode (opens new window).

Instructions Screenshot

At this point Alectrona Migrator will attempt to detect newly connected external disks that have a /Users folder at the root. However, typically we recommend having the user put their old Mac into Target Disk Mode before running the policy, as unlocking the old Mac disk (if encrypted) takes some time. This will allow the end-user to click the Choose... button to select their external volume from a list of viable options and continue the process. Alectrona Migrator will guide the end-user through the rest of the process.

The end-user will be selecting the account from the old Mac that will be the source for the transfer. Of course, the end-user who is logged-in and running the Migrator policy will be the recipient of the data from the account selected. This means that the existing home folder of the new user account will be completely replaced with the home folder of the old source account.


The existing home folder on the new Mac will be overwritten with the home folder from the old Mac. The existing home folder will be renamed with _bak appended so that you might recover anything necessary, but we recommend the account on the new Mac be newly-created to avoid any unnecessary problems.